Conway Twitty Digital Cookbook: Look What's Cooking
Conway Twitty Digital Cookbook: Look What's Cooking

Conway Twitty Digital Cookbook: Look What's Cooking

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Releasing Spring 2019 - Redesigned "Look What's Cooking" cookbook


"If she cooks, then we will come. From day one, this was our way of
life; when Momma cooked, we all showed up. The smell from her
kitchen was like a magnet, drawing people from near and far with
plates in hand. We came to realize that even though the food was
awesome, the atmosphere around our table was the core of our family
time. The food fed our bodies, but the love nourished our souls."

An important thing we learned from our parents was the love and
admiration they felt toward the fans. The reason we chose to do this
book is to express our appreciation for all the wonderful years his
fans supported Dad’s music. What better way to do this than by
sharing cherished memories, our love for each other and our favorite
recipes with you, his fans in the "Look What's Cooking" Digital Cookbook.

Never before has a book been written on Conway's life that shares some of the most intimate stories and memories from the home-life to road-life.

This book features Conway's favorite recipes, exclusive family pictures, and warm intimate stories that have never been shared before! This unique cookbook is a real treasure. There is no other book on Conway's life available anywhere and this will give you an up close and personal view into his life as a musician, and family man.

The "Look What's Cooking" story is told through the eyes of the Twitty Bird, a character Conway created in the early 70's. This is a must for all Conway fans!

This eBook contains:

  • 224 Pages
  • Exclusive stories 
  • Exclusive photos
  • Behind the scenes look into the life of Conway Twitty
  • Delivered via PDF eBook Download for all devices Desktop, Laptop, Apple Phone+iPads, Android Phone+Tablets