Vinyl - Conway Twitty "Timeless"

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On May 24, 1972, Conway and his band, The Twitty Birds, recorded these songs you will hear on this album. You can read the full story in the booklet. 
Side A: 
1. (Lost Her Love) On Our Last Date 
2. Dim Lights, Thick Smoke (And Loud, Loud Music) 
3. Hello Darlin' 
4. How Much More Can She Stand 
5. Working Girl 
6. I Can't See Me Without You 
7. I Love You More Today 

Side B:
8. Crazy Arms 
9. 15 Years Ago 
10. Honky-Tonk Man 
11. The Image of Me 
12. If You Were Mine To Lose 
13. Proud Mary 
14. Next in Line